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Too bad: Our donation campaign CAMI 2018 has to be discontinued

With deep regret we had to learn that Cami had to stop her PCT hike in California – but she already has made new plans! Here’s what she writes:

Dear donators,

Due to a fracture of the metatarsal bone in my left foot I had to cancel my PCT hike prematurely. I would like to thank you from my heart for your ongoing support during the hike and – of course – for your kind donations. For my recovery I now require a two months’ break. But I already have a new plan:

Since I’m not supposed to walk too much after this break I will – as soon as possible – ride a bike from my current residence in the German State of Saarland (near the French border) all the way up to Sweden!

Again, you can come along with me and explore the various regions of Europe. As soon as I’m able to get started I will contact you again.

All the people at SoMA [] wish to thank Cami for her tireless dedication. Get well soon, Cami!


Here you can find further details about the campaign:

Starting April 3, 2018 Camilla K. (Cami) will be walking the Pacific Crest Trail on the West Coast of the USA, from Mexico all the way up to Canada – lasting five to six months.

Equipped with a few indispensable essentials plus a t-shirt with the SoMA [] logo she will try to raise as many charitable contributions to SoMA [] as possible.

Whoever supports SoMA [] with a donation receives a web link where you can check Cami´s current position and pictures of the trail.

Cami receives only 2 % of the total donations for her travelling costs. Potential banking charges (between 1.5 and 5 %) will be paid by SoMA [] . But more than 90 % of the total donations will go to SoMA [] !

If you would like to support SoMA [] and Cami today, please donate here:

Stadtsparkasse Munich
IBAN DE 34 7015 0000 1004 6097 39
Reason for payment: Cami 2018 for SoMA []

There will be absolutely no fees for the donor, no matter where your donation comes from!

More information about SoMA [] : http://SoMA-ev [] .de/footer-seiten/information-in-english/

Hello, my name is Camilla. Starting in the spring of 2018 I will be walking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from Mexico all the way up to Canada.

Why did I decide to collect donations for SoMA [] during my hike?

Many people have seen the movie about a woman walking the PCT all by herself in order to change her life. After several drawbacks in my life I found new courage through the help of my friends. But I still wanted to walk the PCT in order to challenge and test myself.

In January 2017 my friend Nicole passed away due to a severe disease. The year before she had to suffer a lot. Her death was very painful to me, although I always knew that this day would come. When I finally decided to walk the PCT, it came to my mind to do it for my friend Nicole, giving her suffering at least some meaning. My feet and I will sure have to live through some tough days. But I would like to make it at least a bit worthwhile and that´s why I came up with the idea to start this campaign:

With my PCT hike I would like to motivate my friends, the friends of my friends and all the people who care, to support patients and their families who urgently need help.

I hope to address many donors, and when I arrive in Canada in October there will be an impressive amount of money in SoMA [] ´s account.

Thank you for your support! And more power to my walking sticks and my hiking boots!

Sincerely yours,

Camilla K.